Elephant Seal, TAG: T45


Photo(s) submitted by: Petra Glardon

Species: Seal

Location: South Georgia and SSI

Date of Resighting: 21/11/2019

Organisation You Traveled With:


Elephant Seal – purple flipper tag number T45. Seen at Jason Harbour, South Georgia.
This juvenile male elephant seal was tagged by Filippo Galimberti’s Elephant Seal Research Group (http://www.eleseal.org/) working on Sea Lion Island, Falkland Islands. Filippo shared that, “Levender T45 right was tagged on 26/11/2015 and was classified as a moulting large juvenile class 1 (i.e., probably 3 year old) male. From the pictures he now looks a subadult class 2, so our original age estimation was probably fine. We don’t know exactly because he’s not one of “our” males, i.e. born/breeding at Sea Lion. He’s one of the many South Georgia males that come to the Falklands for the moult. We get many thousands of alien elephant seals that come from all populations of the South Georgia stock to moult here and around the Falklands.”
Seen whilst traveling onboard Ponant vessel L’Austral Thursday, November 21st, 2019.
Elephant Seal https://happywhale.com/encounter/97094 Purple flipper tag T45

Main Photo EXIF Data:

  • Credit: Petra Glardon
  • Taken: 21 November, 2019


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